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I can't say it often enough:  I have the kindest, most patient, warm-hearted customers on the planet!
Thank you all so much for your feedback.

Dear Annie,

I'm writing to tell you that I'm really really enjoying my lapis lazuli rosary. It's like nothing that I've ever prayed with before. The beads go through my fingers like a silk scarf. It's so luxurious and well made. I pray with it every day. The second rosary prayer I usually pray with one that you gifted or one of the others. I got so many rosaries at my First Communion last year.

I know that you're working hard as usual. So--thanks for reading this.

If you ever find some really nice garnet beads; please let me know. I remember that you were looking for some the last time that we spoke over the phone.

Warm regards,
Nora M.




It arrived today and it's beautiful!  Thanks a bunch!

Take care,
Joyce K.




I was just now able to get to the mailbox and pick up my rosary. Words cannot describe how perfect it is! It looks and feels so nice, and the craftsmanship is incredible. I am beyond 100% satisfied with its outcome. Truth be told I was actually very surprised when I opened the box. The pictures did not do it justice, and have no lack of faith that my friend is going to love it for her birthday as well. Thank you so much for all of the hard work, and working to accommodate my requests. I will most definitely be recommending you to my friends, and people I know.
Thanks again.

God Bless
-Andrew S.

Dear Annie,

Just to let you know the rosary arrived this morning.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s your absolute masterpiece:  the understated design shows off the workmanship even better in reality than it did in your photos.

Thank you so much!  It’s rare that someone has been able to translate a design idea of mine into reality so magnificently.

Let’s definitely keep in touch: it would be lovely to see you in Paris if you ever stop by.  Also, I may just conceivably take you up on your offer of rewiring my silver rosary (to remove the accent beads and bead caps), but only if you agree to take an appropriate fee.  And as these things can’t be stopped, I’ll be looking for further design ideas: I already have one in the offing: bronze and red Mediterranean coral.

Donald J.



Dear Annie,

LOVE the rosary. It is a beautiful.  My first rosary prayer will be for you.

Thank You for this treasure.
Caroline Z.



I received the rosary today. It is beyond beautiful. I cannot thank you enough. It is the most beautiful Rosary I have ever seen. I am currently taking pictures of it and emailing it to over 100 people. Thank you so very much and God bless you.  I will treasure it!!

In Jesus and Mary,
Michael D.



Ann:  thank you for the beautiful rosary. It arrived last Thursday and I used immediately as my Confessional Rosary " I use while in confessional.  Had confessions three hours the next day and three hours the following day, Saturday, so it has had lots of use. Have also prayed for your parents.

Thanks again.
Msgr. John P.



Hi Annie,

Thank you for your response. So looking forward to receiving the rosaries. All the rosaries on your site are beautiful, I don't think I have ever seen such quality and artistic beauty in rosaries before. When I found your web page I stopped looking. None of the other sites even came close to what you have to offer.

I am sure Our Lord is pleased with your work!

God bless
Sandy S.



Thank you for keeping me updated.  The blue and ivory rosary drapes so wonderfully.  It's a joy just to hold it.  Your work is beautiful.

Thank you,
Ida N.




The rosary came today and I absolutely love it!

Thank you so much for all your effort.

Claire B.



Annie, IT ARRIVED!!!!  I love it and so will he.  Thanks so much for the extra surprise.  He will love the St. Jude bronze.  You are so kind.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Linda H.




Thanks for the speedy shipping. I received and it looks great.

All the best,

Jeff L.



That was FAST!  Thank you for your speedy response. I'm sure it will be spectacular and I'm looking forward to receiving it.  Someone once told me that every time you pray the rosary, not only does the person saying the rosary get the benefit of blessings but also the person who made the rosary.  You should be very blessed as I've got a lot of miles on the rosaries you made for me.

Deb C.



Thanks for the lovely beads....couldn't wait to give the St Cecelia to the hubby! He loved it! We so appreciate your works of prayerful art! Any chance you'll have time to get around to some rosary bracelets? I so love the one my husband got me two Christmases ago.....

Thanks again & many blessings!
Laurie G.



hi and thank you so much. forgive me for not responding sooner but I was out of town for the holiday and then Tuesday at work was crazy. today I accidentally left my phone at home so I haven't been able to get back to you until now. the rosary arrived safe and sound and it's absolutely beautiful! The beads are so smooth and are gorgeous in the sunlight. it's much better than I expected and your workmanship is excellent! Thank you for communicating with me throughout this process and for your great customer service. I will definitely be ordering with you again at some point in the future. I am always amazed when things fall together like this. it has to be God's grace!

take good care and God bless...
Lisa R.



Hi Annie,

I received the tenner today..very beautiful..I love the medal too which is why I ordered it. Thank you!  I know the Ft Wayne Womens Center...great group!

God bless you,
Mary S.



Annie, Thanks so much for your wonderful service. You have a wonderful talent and my family will cherish your tenners for years to come. God has blessed you with a great talent. God bless.

Don W.



Hi Annie,

We just came home from Pennsylvania, visiting my brother for the Thanksgiving weekend, so I only saw the rosary package on my doorstep tonight... WOW, the phosphosiderite and rose quartz rosary is gorgeous!!!  It's very feminine and so pretty.  I always loved the color of phosphosiderite, but the rose quartz carved roses are absolutely stunning too.  It looks even better than the photo on your website, if that's possible.  Thank you so much for creating it!  And thank you so much for including the Sacred Heart/ St. Jude bronze medal too... I always feel connected to my Dad when I pray with your rosaries.  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, and I wish you a very, Merry Christmas!

Take care -
Mary Ann T.



Dear Annie Meinssen,

Just about the last thing on earth I was expecting was a personal note from Meinssen rosaries letting me know of a minor delay in shipping -- no worries at all, and I am very impressed indeed by the personal attention.  That's truly rare.  I hope you are enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend.  I'm very much looking forward to receiving the rosary.

best wishes,

Lowell G.



Thanks again- we received it and it is beautiful.

Amy M.



Hi, Annie!

The gorgeous rosary arrived yesterday! Just wanted to say thank you, as always, for your beautiful work!  Our grandmother will treasure it!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Stephanie H.



Hi Annie,

The lapis tenner arrived today.  Really beautiful – you must get great satisfaction from creating such lovely things.  The lapis is a beautiful colour. “Blue as a vein o’er the Madonna’s breast..”   (Robert Browning).

Thank you.

Mike H.




Thank you so much for making this beautiful rosary! It arrived yesterday afternoon. I was a little concerned about delay because of the weather. I like the St. Jude medal too. This will be a very special rosary.

God bless you and I'm sure He does for the honor you give His mother with you gift of rosary making.

Linda L.



Just wanted to let you know that the chaplet arrived today in great shape, and it’s very beautiful and appears to be very sturdy.  It is exactly how I pictured it (size, shape, color, etc.)

Thank you very much.  Pleasure doing business with you.

David D.



Hi Annie-

I just wanted to say Thank You for making my daughters rosary beads, especially for fitting us in when you were already swamped. They were beautiful! And she LOVED them!  They have made the trip to the Steubenville East teen retreat, Yellowstone National park, they have been blessed by our priest and they will accompany her to Brown University in a few weeks and to many more places in life as she matures!

Many blessings

Judy D.



Thanks Annie!  We cherish your beautiful works of art!  Have a blessed Easter!

Frank S.



Hi, Annie.

My tenner just arrived. It's beautiful! I prayed the rosary right after opening the package. The mammoth ivory is lustrous and the large beads and medals give it a wonderful heft. Thank for making such a beautiful work of art.


David S.



Good morning Annie - I couldn't resist....way to pretty. They called my name for a week before I finally decided to buy. They are for me.

Thanks again!! You are the best

Blessings to you -

Laura S.



Hi Annie,

I just wanted to apologize, I realized that I never did email you, to let you know that I received the rosaries you made for me! I wanted you to know that they are absolutely beautiful, you do really nice work.  :) The beads are beautiful and calming at the same time in terms of colour. Thank you once again, and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.




When I told Juan about the Rosary he asked me to send you his thanks and was very happy. I told him that it was a gift from you. I described it to him as well as I could and whenever I will see him I will give it personally because it is impossible to send such a valuable by post over there. (And also I will love to see his face when he unpacks the rosary!)

When the rosary came into my house this afternoon it brought a wave of love and piece with it that filled my little flat.

Now it is on my little altar in the open box at the feet of the statue of Our Lady and I so happy just to look at it. It is so beautiful and the beads are of a wonderful colour.  The cross and the center piece really are extraordinary! And what a surprise with the little medal by the cross!

How beautiful and interesting you described your meeting with the Jesuits. It must have been life changing for you.

Cecilia R.



Dear Annie,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the rosary I purchased from you.  It is absolutely beautiful, and all I had hoped for. I love the varied colors of the jasper beads and the unusual rectangular chain linkings.  This rosary, to me, has a very ancient and mysterious quality to it -- it looks like something you might find in a treasure chest unearthed somewhere in the Middle East!

I am also very impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship that you put into making my rosary.  Everything is perfect!  There isn't a single flaw in the whole piece.  You are really a rosary-maker extraordinaire!  Thank you for being so meticulous in your work -- it really does make a difference.  It also makes me happy to know that my rosary was made by a kind and thoughtful person like yourself.

[edited for personal info]

Thanks again for making my beautiful "work-of-art" rosary.  I will always treasure it!

Take care and God Bless,
Fran D




Your package arrived safely today and they are GORGEOUS!!! Thanks again so very much!

Ann B.



I loved it the moment I saw it. I only buy things that have meaning as well as beauty. It never ceases to amaze me as to how much grace goes into your designs. You're really a very talented artist and I appreciate that. God has given you quite a gift. To all of us.

Patti D.




I just received the chaplet yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful.  Just what I had in mind.  Wow, you are great- but we knew that already!   Again, I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you put into it and in such a short amount of time.  You and your family are in my prayers.

In gratitude,
Andrew A.



Hi Annie,

Good to hear from you too!

I received my St. Mary Magdalene tenner yesterday. It's very beautiful and, as usual, incredibly well made.

Thank you for crafting such wonderful rosaries.

God Bless,
Beth N.



Dear Annie:

My mailbox will be smiling all summer! The chaplet is perfect. Pictures don't do it justice, and for me, no matter how beautiful the beads are, it's all about how they FEEL in your hand. If your fingers glide easily over each bead as you pray. The chaplet is not only lovely to look at, it also feels as if it's a part of my hand. Thank you for all your help in creating such an elegant piece of art.

All the best,
Joell S.



Dearest Annie,

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the most beautiful St. Anne Chaplet. It is magnificent beyond words.  There is something very special about it to me, a holiness, reverence, thanksgiving in its feel.  What a blessing to own it.  THANK YOU ANNIE for making it a unique sacramental for Mary's Mother. Amazing.  I will enjoy it with every prayer said on it as its feel too is perfect.  The medallion is beautiful, the colors are splendid...

With utmost gratitude, love and prayers ~ always,
Nicole K.



Dear Annie,

I did receive the paypal notification of credit. Thank you so much for your kindness and quick service. Amazing! Quite refreshing these days. I'll be looking on the site for updates. Wonderful doing business with you.

Thanks again.
Sue G.



Dear Annie:  Received the rosary and it is wonderful.  Take care.

Lucas W.



Dear Ann,

I received the rosaries today and they're wonderful!  I couldn't wait until Christmas to give my mom her rosary so I gave it to her this afternoon.  The first words out of her mouth were, "It's beautiful!"  That says it all.  The Black Spinel is just as incredible as I thought it would be.  Thanks again.  I may order one more men's rosary to fill my Christmas list but I won't know for another week or so.  God Bless.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Jon K.




The rosary came Saturday.  I cannot thank you enough, it is absolutely beautiful.  In fact, I could not wait till Christmas and I gave it to my wife Sat. nite!  I know, it is ridiculous that I couldn’t wait, but it is what it is! Hehe!!  She was blown away (tears and all).  This is the best and most meaningful gift that I have ever given, so from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your determination, skill and eye for beauty.

Blessings to you,
Steve B.



The rosary, and "tenner" took my breath away, literally! I cannot find words to tell you how grateful I am that God has given you such talent. I will be taking them to my parish priest to have them blessed.

Your work is superb.

Grateful thanks,
Kathy O.



Dear Ann,

I wanted to let you know I received the tenner I ordered today and it’s perfect! It’s exactly what I was looking for nice and light. The stones are very attractive as well. What I think I like most it the fact that it is genderless. I have a son and I could easily see passing this on to him. The package was very well done too.

Thank You So Much!
Daphne B.



Dearest Ann,

The chaplet arrived in perfect shape and all I can say is thank you for your wonderful work.  You have a very special apostolate and I am so proud to be carrying your creation to Jerusalem.  I leave in 36 hours, so keep me in your prayers.  I will email you when I get back.

Sarah K.



Received today, Annie, and it's beautiful. Thank you for your fast service.

Mike F.




I received the tenner last week, and I wanted to let you know that I love it. The beads are even more beautiful than in the photo.

Thank You and God Bless,
Elizabeth D.




Thank you for the note. I love the rosary that you made. I will keep visiting your website to see the latest in designs, etc. The quality of the rosary exceeded my expectation, which was already high. Keep doing what you're doing.

Brent P.



Hi Annie,

I received the rosary and it's absolutely beautiful!

I like the larger beads and the lapis is incredible, also I really like the feel of the chain.  The cross and fleur de lis are perfect.

Thank you for everything! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Rick B.



Dear Annie,

Hope you had a great Mother's day!

The rosary arrived today and all I can tell you is:  Your pieces are so lovely, your work so important...  Thank you so much for making this Acorn rosary!  It is just beautiful, and deeply inspiring.  Your faith is apparent throughout, and if I may say so, you have found a very effective and compelling way to touch the lives of others with it.  For what it's worth I personally hope you never stop.

I'll talk with you soon...

Continued blessings to you and your family,
- Robert B.



Dear Annie,

I received my rosary yesterday and was absolutely thrilled.  Aside from being beautifully designed and made, it has a wonderful heft and feel -- very much a guy rosary!  I practically had to pry it away from my wife, who was quite effusive in her praise of it as well.  FYI, it will travel with me to Asia this summer, where I will visit the nuns at my old kindergarten, the Maris Stella kindergarten -- so appropriate don't you think?

Phil L.



Dear Ann,

Just a note to say that the rosary arrived today and it's amazing!  The long links between the decades makes a big difference...keeping the rosary from getting 'bunched up' while praying.  I offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass tonight for you and your husband and your Rosary Apostolate. Thanks again.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Jon K.



I received the rosary on Saturday and love it!!!  Thank you again for your hard work on creating such a beautiful piece.  I see the new, wonderful pieces you have added on your website, and by the way, the website is really great, beautiful pictures, extremely user-friendly, and informative.  Best of luck in the future and best wishes to your mother on her recovery.

Tom D.



Dear Annie,

Today the tenner/chaplet came. Oh! It is exquisite beyond my expectations. I have already said the first rosary for you. The box is very elegant, too! It is truly an heirloom piece to be handed down to my children.

You have been so kind, I thank you for your great workmanship. Many rosaries will be said on this. If I need anything in the future I will definitely come to you.

Thanks again, Annie

Ellen M.



Hello Annie!

I received my garnet Infant of Prague chaplet yesterday. It is gorgeous.  Thank you very very much!

Have a nice weekend,
Philippe M.




My husband and I both LOVED the aquamarine rosary. It was even more beautiful in person! He was thrilled and has been carrying it in his pocket every day since then. We've already had it blessed by our priest.

I am also so thankful that you included a small strand chaplet for me! Now we both have a precious reminder of our child in heaven.

You are so generous and obviously very talented.

Thanks so much!
Carrie T.



Dear Annie, Just a note to let you know that the rosary and chaplets arrived.  They are truly works of art!  I am giving them as gifts!  I appreciate their beauty as well as the spiritual graces that went into their creation and those  graces that will surely follow through their use!  Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Annette B.



Dear Annie,

I just had to email you to say that I LOVE the lapis tenner!  The beads are such a gorgeous blue color, and the sterling crucifix and medal of Mary are very beautiful too.  I plan to keep it in my purse for whenever the Spirit inspires me to pray.  You have so many beautiful rosaries and I feel fortunate to have found your website.  Thanks again and God bless the good work that you do.

Mary Ann T.



Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…that’s all I can say.  I received the rosary yesterday.  It is truly a work of art.  Thank you so much for making it so special.  It is going to be hard to wait a month to give it to Lisa.  She is going to love it.  Thank you again.

-Joe M.



Dear Ann,

Sorry I have not written you until now. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful rosaries that you made for our children's godparents on such short notice.  They absolutely loved them and will treasure them always.  They were even more beautiful then the photos that you sent.

God bless you & thank you again!

Peace Love & Happiness
The O. Family



Dear Annie...I received my St. Francis "tenner" today. It is a beautiful rosary. You are blessed to have such a wonderful talent.

Does your mother still live here in "the Valley"? Such a small world!

Your web site is fantastic...easy to find everything so easily and lovely to look at. Your spirituality infuses each page.

Bless you....Emily V.



Thank you very much Ms. Meinssen,

Your work is absolutely beautiful. It will be a gift for a very special friend of mine!

Thank you again!

Elyse L.



Hi Ann,

I gave the rosary to my mom for her birthday and she loved it!  It is beautiful.  Thank you.

Carrie K.



Ann –

I received the rosary last night...It is absolutely beautiful and I know my grandmother will just love it!  And thank you so much for the St. Jude could not have come to me at a more needed time...I will treasure it always.

Christine C.




The rosaries came in today.

They are stunning, excellent work. I thank you very much.

Don G.



Hi Annie,

I received the rosary in the mail today. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! The pictures do it NO justice. I love the translucence of the beads and the delicacy of the whole piece! Thank you so very much. I am beyond thrilled! Will keep in touch about the chaplet. God bless you! Take good care.

Cara-Jean D.



Hi Annie,

I received the chaplet today and I can't tell you how beautiful it is! I am also very humbled by your generosity by making me the second chaplet. It is also very beautiful. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough.  You said in your earlier email that you love to see your chaplets and rosaries prayed. So do I. The second chaplet is so beautiful that I really want to see to it prayed every day.   In addition to the consecration, I  will be joining the Third Order on May 31st and one of the names I will be taking is Louis Marie after St Louis Marie de Montfort who was a Dominican. I just found out that one of the names of the prioress of the Third Order is also Louis Marie because she too has a great love of St de Montfort and the True Devotion. She will also be consecrated on the same day. I would consider it an honor if you allow me to pass on this beautiful second chaplet to her in your name. I know for a fact that it will be prayed every day. Annie, once again thank you so very much and I wish all the best for you and your family.

Chris R.



Dear Annie

I received my rosary today.  It is beautiful.  Thank you so much for being so accommodating.  I will treasure my rosary and will definitely recommend your web site to anyone looking for a rosary.

Yours truly,
Shannon C.



Hi Ann

Thank you very much - it arrived and is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.  Thank you so much.   St. Anne is my patron saint, who I found at 5 years old, but didn't know it until 29.  Now I give her to everyone. Thank you and stay in touch with any special deals you may have.  I like to give them away after getting them blessed in the person's name, but I don't spend a lot on the giveaway ones.  This one was for me.

Thanks again
Gail D.



Dear Annie,

I have just received the tenner, and I think it is more beautiful than I ever imagined!

Searching the internet, I have viewed so many rosaries, chaplets and tenners, but when the picture of the white coral beads formed as flower buds came up, coupled with the brass leaves, and the metal parts all colour matching, I knew instantly that this was the one!

- And with the large size of the beads complimenting its overall long length, the design of the whole is brilliant!

Thanks Lots,
David M.





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