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A tenner is a portable, single decade of Hail Mary beads, plus one Our Father bead, which is prayed five times for a complete rosary.

Handmade Holy Spirit tenner in rhodochrosite and Sterling silver.

Holy Spirit Tenner in Rhodochrosite

Sold, thank you!

Handmade genuine sappire Agnus Dei tenner in Sterling silver.

Agnus Dei Tenner in Sapphire

Sold, thank you!

Handmade genuine mammoth ivory tenner in bronze.

Genuine Mammoth Ivory Tenner

Spec. Order $296.00

Handmade Sterling wire wrapped Our Lady of Perpetual Help tenner in rare Owyhee blue opal beads.

O.L. Perpetual Help Tenner in Owyhee Blue Opal

Sold, thank you!

Handmade sodalite Miraculous Medal tenner featuring a rose carved Our Father bead and solid bronze reproduction parts.

Sodalite Miraculous Medal Tenner

Sold, thank you!

Handmade Russian charoite tenner in bronze.

OL Good Counsel Tenner in Charoite

Sold, thank you!

Handmade bronze Sts. George and Mary tenner in African yellow opal.

Sts. George & Mary Tenner in Yellow Opal


Handmade Madonna/Passion tenner in ruby in fuschite.

Madonna Tenner in Ruby in Fuschite

Sold, thank you!

Handmade Our Lady of the Road/St. Christopher tenner in bronze.

OL of the Road Tenner in Carnelian

Sold, thank you!

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