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OL Good Counsel Tenner in Charoite

Item #Ten_031



Aves: 8mm Russian charoite

Pater: 12mm Russian charoite

Overall length: 10 3/8"

Crucifix: bronze 1 7/8" x 1 1/8"

End medal: bronze 1" diameter

Wire: 20g fumed red brass

Caps:  antiqued brass petals

Rings: fumed red brass

Chain: antiqued brass oval rollo (soldered)

Sold, thank you!

This regal tenner for Our Lady of Good Counsel is made with rare Russian charoite beads.  The beads have somes patches of white quartz, so I'd put them at a B grade, but they have nice surfaces and excellent, royal purple color.  Charoite is found in the Chara River Valley, and supplies seem to be dwindling.  Beads in the 8mm size are quite difficult to find now, and prices have skyrocketed.  This tenner features a beautiful Our Lady of Good Counsel end medal with the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the reverse.  Only one available.  Lovely!

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