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Lightning Ridge Black Opal Bracelet

Item #Brace_007



Aves: 8mm x 5mm Lightning Ridge opal

Pater: 8mm round Lightning Ridge opal

Clasp: Sterling magnetic 6mm

Overall length: 7 7/8"

Cross: Sterling 1" x 5/8"

Wire: 22g Sterling, wire wrapped

Connections: Sterling bowtie wraps

Caps: Sterling pierced petals

Sold, thank you!

Beautiful black opals from the Lightning Ridge quarry in Australia are a striking mix of deep navy blues, grey and creamy white. Each lovely bead is double capped in Sterling silver, and wire wrapped. A rare, full round opal is used here for the Our Father.  This handmade rosary bracelet features a Sterling magnetic clasp, which is so much fun to use!  Just drape the bracelet over your wrist, give your wrist a little swing, and the two halves of the clasp find each other!  No fussing around or calling the hubby to help you don your bracelet! It's one tenacious little magnet, too. To unclasp, slide the two halves across each other with your thumbnail.  Lovely and rare!

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