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Infant of Prague Chaplet in Mookaite

Item #Chp_047


Intro beads: 8mm round mookaite

Ave beads: 6mm x 8mm mookaite

Overall length: 8 5/8"

End medal: bronze 1 1/8" x 1/2"

Center: bronze 1" x 5/8"

Wire: 20g fumed red brass

Caps: antiqued brass small petals

Rings: fumed red brass

Chain: antiqued brass small rollo

Sold, thank you!

Mookaite is such a great stone.  With its saturated earthy colors and ability to take a glassy polish, it has a superior visual impact for an excellent price.  This chaplet features high-grade mookaite tube beads for the Aves, and three 8mm round mookaite introductory beads.  As the traditional color for the Holy Infant of Prague chaplet is red, the mookaite was color-selected for shades of terracotta and iron-rich reds.  The end medal and center are cast bronze antique reproduction parts, with lots of intricate detail.  Great for a gift!

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