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Gathered Lilacs in Phosphosiderite

Item #6mm_064



Aves: 6.15mm phosphosiderite

Paters: 8.25mm phosphosiderite

Overall length: 22 1/8"

Crucifix: Sterling 1 3/4" x 1"

Center: Sterling 3/4" x 5/8"

Wire: 20g Sterling + 21 Pater wraps

Caps: Bali Sterling baskets

Rings: Sterling

Chain: Sterling oval rollo (soldered)

Original sold. Now by special order. Please allow about 4 weeks to ship. Please be available via email for updates/questions. Thank you!


When I was a girl growing up in Jersey, I had a huge lilac tree under my bedroom window.  Every spring I would gather armfuls (and I mean BIG armfuls) of lilacs for sprawling bouquets, and their delicious fragrance would fill the house.  The gorgeous color of phosphosiderite reminds me so much of this happy gathering time that I truly associate happiness with this bead.  This phosphosiderite is sourced from Chile, and has a beautiful rich hue usually seen in very expensive phosphosiderite from Argentina.  The rosary has feminine Sterling parts and a wonderful, fluid drape.  It's darling!

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