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Welcome to the retail catalogue:  devotional chaplets gallery!

Handmade St. Michael chaplet in white mother of pearl and stichtite.

St. Michael Chaplet in White MOP & Stichtite

Sold out, thank you!

Handmade wire wrapped St. Cecilia chaplet in corundum (sapphire) and bronze.

St. Cecilia Chaplet in Corundum

Sold, thank you!

Handmade couble capped St. Anne chaplet in blule lace agate and Sterling silver.

St. Anne Chaplet in Blue Lace Agate

Sold, thank you!

Handmade double capped St. Barbara chaplet in citrine and bronze.

St. Barbara Chaplet in Citrine

Sold, thank you!

St. Jude chaplet in green Peruvian opal and bronze.

St. Jude Chaplet in Green Peruvian Opal

Sold, thank you!

Handmade St. Anthony and St. Hubert Chaplet in coffee bean jasper and bronze.

St. Anthony Chaplet in Coffee Bean Jasper


Handmade St. Benedict chaplet in green amethyst (prasiolite) and bronze.

St. Benedict Chaplet in Green Amethyst

Sold, thank you!

Handmade St. Teresa (St. Theresa of the Infant Jesus) chaplet in Peruvian amazonite and Sterling silver.

St. Teresa Chaplet in Peruvian Amazonite


Handmade Sterling silver wire wrapped St. Agnes chaplet in ancient Roman glass.

St. Agnes Chaplet in Ancient Roman Glass

Sold, thank you!

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