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Welcome to the Meinssen Handmade Rosaries' retail catalogue section!  On this particular page, you will find bead sizing, metal quality standards, and safety information which apply to all the prayer beads available for purchase here.


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St. Jude statue.

Sharing St. Jude

MHR was founded through the intercession of St. Jude. St. Jude is Meinssen Handmade Rosaries’ beloved Patron and protector.


In fulfillment of the Saint Jude prayer, whereby one who has received succor from St. Jude promises to spread the word of devotion to him, a St. Jude gift medal is attached to every full (five decade) rosary purchased on the website. A free St. Jude will also be attached for custom rosaries, first custom order only. The free medals match the metal used for construction of your rosary. 14k gold over Sterling St. Judes are attached for gold filled rosaries.


Saint Jude is a powerful intercessor for souls falling into despair. He is our strong ally in perseverance. If you, a family member, a loved one or friend is suffering physical illness, marital disharmony, employment woes, depression, or is a victim of violent crime or emotional abuse, St. Jude's intercession may be a lifeline back to hope.

Mookaite rosary beads in Sterling silver.

Rosary Safety

Meinssen rosaries and chaplets are handmade with the greatest of care and devotion. However, they are not indestructible; the component pieces can be broken off, and the length of joined beads can get tangled around things if the rosary or other beaded prayer item is improperly used.  Accordingly, please ensure that anyone under the age of 18 who uses and/or stores a rosary, chaplet, tenner or rosary bracelet does so exclusively under the supervision of an adult.  Please store your rosary out of the reach of children. Let's keep our little ones safe!


Meinssen Handmade Rosaries disclaims all responsibility for any damage that occurs through unintentional use of the rosary or chaplet by a minor.  By proceeding with a purchase from this site, you agree to this disclaimer of liability.

Semi-precious stone bead strands.

Some Notes About Beads

I spend more time finding beautiful bead strands than I spend on any other element of design or construction. It's often the case that a supplier carries a very minimal quantity of strands that meet the high expectations of my customers. As a result, many rosaries offered here are one of a kind, or may be duplicated only a few times before the bead supply runs out.


While fine bead supplies, even for the more common jaspers, agates and quartz stones, wax and wane throughout the year, I also try not to overbuy strands that will rest long in inventory. Inventory control keeps prices down for everyone, so while it may be a source of delay for custom buyers, it also means added value for your hard-earned dollar in every created piece. Additionally, any known manufacturer's bead treatments, such as heating or stabilization, are provided for you in an item's description.

Sterling, bronze, brass and gold filled rosary parts, wire, chain and jump rings.

Some Notes About Metals

When I first began making rosaries in 2006, it was very difficult to find wire, chain and rings to match the beautiful cast reproduction bronze crucifixes and centers which were available for rosary makers.  These findings are essential in chained rosaries, as all the metal shows, unlike strung rosaries, where a continuous length of metal wire is covered with small spacer beads.


So I went on a personal crusade to develop useful wires in the proper color and temper to use for my bronze chained rosaries, and now have the option of solid silicon bronze and fumed red brass.  Fuming is a process which oxidizes the surface of high quality brass wire, giving it an antique depth of color.  It resists tooling and the wear is superior to electroplated brass.

Gold filled wire, findings, beads, crucifixes and centers are made with a thin sheet of gold or silver bonded to an inner core of base metal (often copper or brass). Filled parts, especially gold, are much more expensive than standard plated (that is, electroplated over base metal), but less expensive than solid precious metals. Gold filled is considered a jewelry grade material, where base metal gold plated is not.


Gold filled parts and findings are always given a quality descriptor:  12k/20 or 14k/20.  What this means is that 1/20 or 5% of the weight of the material is solid 12 karat or 14 karat gold.  Gold filled also differs from vermeil, which is a heavily gold plated layer over solid Sterling silver.  The thickness of the gold plating must meet an industry standard, or it cannot be called vermeil.  Both gold filled and vermeil form high quality, precious metal parts, beads and findings.


Bronze caps and chain are, in general, an antique plated finish over solid brass or steel. One exception are Bali cast brass and bronze bead caps and connectors, which are solid metal. Some chain and caps are true vintage with natural patina, not plated.


All metals used in my rosaries are specified in each item's detail page, so that you know exactly what you're buying.

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