Meinssen Handmade Rosaries Construction Section

Welcome to the Construction Section:  design layout and steps to building a rosary!

Most of this page is still under development, and will be available by mid-October, 2014.  Thank you for your patience!

Rosary Construction Parts List


53 Hail Mary beads

6 Our Father beads

wire (about 8 feet of 20g for 8mm Aves + 10mm Paters)

1 crucifix (or cross)

1 rosary center

1 foot of medium link chain (14 segments total)*

12 bead caps (optional for double capping the Paters)

bead board (or towel to keep beads from rolling)

round nose pliers

2 pairs smooth flat nose pliers

slim chain nose pliers

1 pair flush cutters

1 + 3 jump rings for crucifix and center connections


Optional embellishments:

118 small jump rings for ring capping all 59 beads

106 bead caps to double cap all the Hail Mary beads

14 wire bowties or 2-hole connectors if not using chain.



*Should you choose chain with links more than 7mm long, you may need more than 1 foot of chain.  This also applies if you style your rosary with extra long chain segments between decades. 14 segments of chain are needed for a full rosary.




Layout Tips

1.  When working with gemstone beads, more often than not you'll encounter slight variances (up to 0.5mm) in bead sizes on any strand. One good way to deal with this concerning the Hail Mary beads is to use the three largest beads for the Hail Marys on the drop portion of your rosary.  Place the remaining largest beads at the center of each decade, and scale the sizes down toward the first and last beads of each decade.  Taking the time to carefully arrange your beads in the layout when there are size variances will help greatly with the decade alignments of your completed rosary.


2.  When working with multi-color beads,

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