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What's new in November?

Two lovely new rosaries, lapis lazuli in Sterling, and hessonite garnet in bronze, are now available in the 6mm rosary gallery.


In the 8mm gallery, a fabulous (and fabulously rare) genuine imperial topaz rosary is newly listed, along with a mookaite rosary featuring a St. Francis prayer crucifix.


In the tenners gallery, three new pieces are now available:  an extra large impression jasper tenner with a gorgeous Guardian Angel end medal, a blue chalcedony piece featuring Our Lady of Fatima, and a red tigereye Irish penal style tenner.  Enjoy!

Handmade lapis lazuli rosary beads in Sterling silver.
Handmade double capped hessonite and red garnet rosary beads in bronze.
Handmade natural imperial topaz rosary beads in Sterling silver.
Handmade mookaite rosary beads in bronze.
Handmade impression jasper Guardian Angel tenner in bronze.
Handmade blue chalcedony tenner for Our Lady of Fatima in bronze.
Handmade Irish penal style tenner in red tigereye.

Important Site Notice!

I'm beginning year nine in business with a major shift in site policy concerning custom work.  Due to medical and some family concerns, I will not be accepting any custom work for the foreseeable future.  Please read more about this on my service page.  Thank you for your understanding.

Rosary makers, please visit our sister site, meinssenrosarymetals.com, for your rosary wire and parts needs.

Thank you so much for visiting.  Please bookmark and visit again!

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