What's new January 22nd?

Available now in the 8mm gallery are four new rosaries:  French blue apatite, black tourmaline with rock crystal, Botswana agate and green brecciated jasper with an attached memento mori skull bead.


If you're new to the site and aren't aware, I take all my photos outdoors, in the sunlight, to capture the color and quality of the beads as best I'm able. Which means I'm always chasing the sun, and that gets a little tricky in the winter time!  We're due for some heavy weather the next few days, so I'll be posting some new pieces in the 6mm size, and new chaplets next week. Please visit again to see the new items!

Handmade blue apatite rosary beads in Sterling silver.
Handmade black tourmaline and rock crystal rosary beads in Sterling silver.
Handmade Botswana agate rosary beads in Sterling silver.
Handmade green brecciated jasper rosary with an attached memento mori skull bead in bronze.

Available now in the tenners gallery are four new pieces shown below:  lovely Brazilian amethyst with a sweet Marian end medal, blue tigereye with blue pietersite, brown rhodochrosite with a carved mookaite rose Pater, and pink Peruvian opal with a spiral carved Pater.

Untreated amethyst rosary tenner in bronze.
Handmade blue tigereye and pietersite rosary tenner in Sterling silver.
Handmade brown rhodochrosite (rhodocrocite) rosary tenner with a carved mookaite rose Pater in bronze.
Handmade pink Peruvian Miraculous Medal tenner in bronze.

And in the bracelets gallery, three new lovelies in high end stones:  genuine ruby, mammoth ivory with a Mexican fire opal clasp, and the always awesome Lightning Ridge black opal.  Perfect for your valentine!  :-)

Wire wrapped ruby rosary bracelet in Sterling silver.
Handmade mammoth ivory rosary bracelet with Mexican fire opal clasp.
Rare black opal rosary bracelet in Sterling silver.

Rosary makers, please visit our sister site, meinssenrosarymetals.com, for your rosary wire and parts needs.

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