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Rosary beads crafted in the classic style
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Renovation Update 8/3/14!

Thank you all so much for bearing with me while I try
to complete my website renovation. I have three sections
completed, and I'm going to try my best to upload my new
site at the end of August. I'll write another update when
I'm getting ready to go live. Many thanks and blessings
to you for your patience with me!

Due to the time I must devote to my website renovations,
I will not be able to address any custom requests. Please
hold all custom inquiries until further notice. I appreciate
your understanding, and apologize for any inconvenience..

Live wire!

I'm very happy to announce the opening of my son's
wire, custom jump ring and antique reproduction rosary
parts website! We couldn't be more excited about the
site launch, and I hope all of you, rosary shoppers and
rosary makers alike, will pop over to see his shop, which
will be growing with inventory and information every week!

Please visit Erik's site, and happy looping!

Shop MHR's catalogue of Catholic rosaries, chaplets and bronze parts for rosary makers.
Go to the retail catalogue overview page.

Prayer Beads

Rosaries, devotional chaplets and single decade rosaries

Shop the MHR catalogue of embellished handmade rosaries, chaplets and single decade rosaries.

Visit MHR's library of spiritual literature, how to pray the rosary and A Jesuit's Corner for original homilies.
Go to the Library section overview page.

Spiritual Texts

Visit the stacks for prayer guides and spiritual texts.

The MHR treasury of spiritual literature, guides to rosary and chaplet prayer, with an index for streaming music and artwork of MHR customers and friends.

Learn to choose materials for a rosary, to wire loop beads and make a rosary of your own.
Go to our Construction section overview page.

Rosaries of Your Own

Step by step rosary chaining instructions.

Have you felt inspired to bead
your own rosary, but don't know where to begin? Find all of the information you need to make
your start in this fulfilling work.

Shop for bronze wire, jump rings, chain and find links to bead and findings suppliers and more!
Go to the Resources section overview page

Boutique & Suppliers

MHR bronze and links to trusted materials suppliers

Find links to bead and rosary parts suppliers and rosary makers, plus the new MHR Boutique for bronze wire and custom cut rings, rosary bracelets & more!

MHR's mission, in the spirit of the rosary

My mission in creating MHR has three parts: to offer quality handmade rosaries; to encourage prayer, and to share what I've learned of this craft with others who would like to make rosaries in a similar style.

I've organized this site along those lines, plus a fourth area of resources where you may find the MHR Boutique of bronze wire, rings and more, plus favorite suppliers and other external links. Each of these four sections has an overview hub from which to navigate. Because MHR will be building for some time yet, please look for what's new in the overviews by clicking on the four pictured catagories above.

Each handmade rosary and chaplet in our rosary catalogue is one of a kind, made with embellished semi-precious and other fine material beads on a structure of heavy gauge wire. My intention here is to design rosaries that look great and stand the test of time. Rosaries are treasured in families from one generation to the next, and I try to honor that for you with quality workmanship.

All prayer and spiritual reading materials are organized into the library. If you need to learn how to pray the rosary, are looking for novenas or prayers to use with chaplets, the Library is the place to go. Also here are writings of the Saints, literature and other pages included to encourage spiritual thought and prayer.

To learn how to wire loop beads and make chained Catholic rosaries, please visit the construction section. These pages are very detailed, with information and charts on bead sizes and counts per strand, drill holes, wire gauges, sizing ring caps and bead caps--and how to make all of that work together in handmade rosaries of your very own.

Thank you so kindly for your interest and your patience as MHR grows.

~ Ann Meinssen ~

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